Saturday, May 2, 2009

Furry Scurry 2009

Each year, the Denver Dumb Friends League ( holds a fundraiser in Washington Park. Thousands of people bring their dogs for a two-mile walk/fun run that raises money to care for homeless pets in Denver. Even though this was the 16th year of the event, this was Jake's first time. I've always heard about it but I'm not sure why we didn't join in before. When I saw the flyer at the veterinarian's office, prior to his diagnosis, I decided that we would do it this year.

After we were done, we went to Paul's house for breakfast. I think it was the first time that I've had a meal there since I moved. We had fried eggs and bacon, all cooked in the same pan, just like my mom used to do it in her cast-iron skillet. Always obsessed with food, Jake waited patiently for us to finish instead of sleeping.

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