Sunday, May 24, 2009

Waiting for the Rain to Fall

Spring storms all day but that added a perfect touch to the atmosphere. Watching gray clouds wrap around the mountains, in between sheets of rain, from the couch. I caught up on some reading. Jake curled up on his bed by the fireplace, slightly snoring. When the weather let up, we went on an afternoon walk. It was such a wild experience to pass through the Westin lobby several times a day with a well-behaved dog. The staff always greeted Jake by name. He learned quickly that the front desk had dog biscuits, even at 1am. Everyone here is amazing…reception…valet…housekeeping…room service. (Special thanks to LaVerne!)

It's also wedding season, with big receptions at the hotel on both days. Tuxes and satin dresses everywhere. We bumped into the bride in the hallway on our way back to the room. Standing there with a dog on a leash, I told her she looked beautiful. I wanted to ask for a picture with her and Jake but figured it was too complicated to explain on such an important day for her. But wouldn’t that have been a surreal photo?

No one was out by the pool and we hustled out there to snap a few pics. We’re heading back to Denver tomorrow morning. This place is incredible. What a perfect weekend.

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