Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Jake is doing so much better today. He powered through the drug side effects last night like a champ. The fever is gone again. I had an 11am haircut appointment and wasn’t sure what to do. He seemed stable enough to leave alone but now I’m a little anxious on these post-treatment days. And besides, who brings a BIG dog to their salon? Hmm. I find myself asking “Why not?” about a lot of things these days. Tuesdays are usually slower at No 55 Salon so I called and asked if it would be OK to bring Jake. They said “sure!” and we were off. Karla and I realized this was the first time she has met Jake. He curled up on the cool concrete floor behind the barber chair. I could see him in the full-length mirror and watched him sleep.

“I am not the type of dog
That could keep you waiting
For no good reason”

“Hairshirt” by R.E.M.

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