Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy Birthday!

We made it! Jake is 8 years old today. So, what to give the dog that has everything? A few weeks back, I enrolled him in an amazing program at The Children’s Hospital called YAPS (Youth and Pet Survivors). They connect children and dogs that are both dealing with cancer and help them start a pen pal relationship. They share stories back and forth about their lives, families, interests and treatment. Jake got his first email this week from someone in the program. It was a cool e-birthday card, his first one of the week!


  1. Happy Birthday Jake! I'm sorry we're going to miss the bash, but we have some humans to tend to tonight. Have a cold one to celebrate and give your Dad a lick for us too. XO Marc and Pat

  2. Hi!
    We live in your neighborhood and we also have a yellow lab named Jake. We wanted to wish your sweet Jake a happy 8th birthday!! And how cool that is that Jake has a new friend at the hospital. Happy Birthday Jake!!!!

  3. Hey Mike! Liz Beindorff here... I've been following the blog a bit, though I'm a few days behind because we were out of town, and so I just saw this post about Jake being part of the YAPS program. As part of my Masters in social work, I also got a certificate in Animal Assisted Therapies, and one of my profs had told us about YAPS. It's so great that Jake's participating! I wish I'd remembered it to tell you sooner, but your entry actually reminded me of it. GOOD STUFF! Will look forward to hearing more about it, hopefully. Sorry I had to miss his birthday celebration. But hope to see you soon! Take care!