Tuesday, September 8, 2009


The summer before my mom died, I went to see her in Florida. She knew she didn’t have long and she really wanted to buy me something permanent that would always remind me of her. We discussed things like a wristwatch or a piece of furniture. I had always wanted Adirondack chairs for my backyard. They last forever if you take good care of them. We went online to order them together. When I returned to Denver, I got an email that they were backordered and would take several months. Mom passed away soon after. The day I got back from the funeral in Florida, there was a note on the door from the UPS man. The chairs had arrived. It was almost like she delayed it until I was home. Every year, around her birthday on September 8th, I clean them up. I sand them, brush them with cleaner and apply another coat of stain. It takes an entire day and I love doing it. It was such a beautiful fall day, too. Jake stayed with me in the backyard the entire time. Here’s a photo of the two of us enjoying Mom’s chairs.

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