Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Girls Want to Be with the Girls

My niece, Catelin, turned 21 last August. For her birthday, I created a gift certificate good for 2 plane tickets anywhere to celebrate it with me and Dan. She goes to school at Ole Miss and still had a few days left on her holiday break. We made an impulsive decision. Always the best kind. I burned some airline miles and flew her and a friend, Jenny Claire, out to Denver for a short but action-packed visit. We took them shopping. Lunch at the new Earl’s. Dinner at Vesta Dipping Grill and to see Cats (in a limo, no less). Post-show drinks at the top floor of the Hyatt. More shopping. Movie at the Landmark with VIP seats. Cocktails at Jing. Brunch at Elway’s. Even more shopping. Tickets to a Nuggets game in a Pepsi Center suite. And of course, we took the standard “front of the house” photo with Jake. Her brother, Blake, came out last year to see Blink 182 and got one of those, too. I also flew her youngest brother, Grant, out in December for my own birthday but somehow I spaced out taking a pic of him with Jake. Guess that means he will be back out soon so I can complete the set!

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