Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Red and the Black

In 1968, a group of contemporary artists named “Art for the Cities, Inc.” had a concept for 9 abstract sculptures in D.C. Burns Park. These were meant to be temporary but four sculptures still remain today. So, why some and not others? Here’s Jake in front of two of them. They’re both called “Untitled”. The closest one is by Wilbert Verhelst made of plywood. The furthest one is by Roger Kotoske, made of plywood and fiberglass.

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  1. Why some and not others? I gather the problem was that the sculptures were originally intended to be a temporary exhibition. The good news: the exhibition was sufficiently successful that they never took down the art. The bad news: the sculptures weren't built to be permanent and time has taken its toll on the them. Some have been taken down because they had become a hazard. The original exhibition was awesome and it's a shame that they haven't endured.