Friday, April 9, 2010

Ready for the Floor

Project Ruffway, the benefit for the Bow Wow Buddies Foundation, was a blast. Jake was a pro. A little shaky walking up the 3 steps with his leg braces but once he was on the runway, he was in his element. Dr. Hardy from the CSU Animal Cancer Center introduced him as a cancer survivor, which got the crowd energized. I bet he thought, “Hey, that applause must be for me!” So right on cue he did a couple laps, generously doling out love to the VIP’s sitting around the edge of the stage while the cameras flashed.

There are lots of party pics at the MetroMix and Blacktie-Colorado websites. I’ll post some others soon. There are so many to choose from. 9News was also there to shoot footage for a follow-up feature on Jake’s battle with cancer. April 18th will be the one-year anniversary of his diagnosis. A lot can happen in one year.

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