Saturday, June 26, 2010

I'm Hurtin'

Jake had surgery today on Thursday. I picked him up at the vet’s office and his paw was wrapped in a massive bandage. I had to carry him from the car to the house, limp in my arms like an 80-pound sack of furry potatoes. I made a bed for him in the living room and slept with him on the floor all night. He was pretty doped up from the morphine and in a lot of pain. Every breath that he exhaled came with a tiny whine. All…night…long. Poor guy. But he slept most of the day on Friday while I worked from home. Saturday was a major improvement even though he can’t put weight on the leg and won’t be able to for awhile. Today he was back in the front yard sporting his trademark colorful bandages and a pretty fine attitude, considering what he just went through.

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