Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Price You Pay

I don’t usually think about the cost when Jake needs treatment. However, I’ve been whipping out the credit card a lot these days. Jake’s surgery. His meds. Bandage changes every few days. Very expensive. So I had an idea. As a teenager, I collected Marvel comic books and have thousands of them boxed up in our basement. I’ve been thinking about selling them for years but not sure I wanted to part with them just for the heck of it. I’ve posted a couple of them for sale online recently. Today, I sold my Incredible Hulk #181 for $1,200 which was pretty close to the cost of the vet bills over the last few weeks. It has the first appearance of Wolverine, from the X-Men. I remember buying it at a drugstore in 1974 for 25 cents. Seriously. Kind of bittersweet to sell a tiny part of one’s childhood but I loved the idea of using it to help pay for Jake’s care.

Thanks, bub. Now if we could only get him some Adamantium bones and get rid of those leg braces. (Inside jokes for comic geeks.)

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