Friday, August 27, 2010


Time for Jake’s 2nd round of chemo at CSU Animal Cancer Center. The treatment last month went really well so we’re not expecting any problems with side effects today. Dave from 9News joined us to shoot more footage so I actually got to the sit with Jake during the infusion of Liposomal Clodronate. This cool device administers the drug through his IV over a 1-hour period.

All things considered, Jake is compliant while this is going on. However, towards the end he got a bit restless and kept messing with the IV. We managed to distract him with a toy but you can see the carnage he can inflict when he’s focused on something. Thank god the puppy stage is long gone.

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  1. Great story. is it possible to get the leg braces that Jake has in some of the pictures my dog Corky needs something like that. My dog corky is a tall drink of water Thanks for being so good to Jake and taking all those wonderful pictures
    judy wasinger
    thank you