Friday, July 24, 2009

Weird Science

The UPS truck dropped off Jake’s chemotherapy drugs this week. We were going to the CSU Animal Cancer Center today for his final biopsy of the clinical trial so I just took the medication up there. I figured that they are experts at giving pills to reluctant dogs. I’m so happy that we were able to participate in the liposomal clodronate study. I really do believe it slowed (or stopped?) the growth of his tumor. The ulceration is almost gone, too. And I’m also proud that we were part of a research study that may help other dogs, and possibly even humans, in the future. His next drug is called Lomustine (CCNU). They gave him 4 pills today and he’ll do this every 3 weeks indefinitely. He’ll also need to have his blood checked within 10 days after each dose to monitor side effects. But that will give us a good excuse to go visit his regular vet, Dr. Hedlin.

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