Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lunch Break

After a flurry of doctors’ appointments, Jake and I were ready for a proper lunch break. It’s great to see his usual routines restored. He seems mostly unconcerned about the bump on his leg. Sometimes he tries to get the bandage off but it’s not having an impact on his quality of life yet. And amazingly the ulceration is healing up quite a bit, probably due to the clinical trial treatment. I was pleasantly surprised to see its condition yesterday when I changed his dressing. Maybe the bandages will be able to come off occasionally? We headed downtown, with no particular destination in mind. On 17th Avenue, I noticed the patio at Steuben’s was almost empty. We snagged Doris Day parking right in front. It’s a fun throwback 50’s style diner with comfort food. I love the location in a converted auto-body repair shop. Like many table-service spots, you officially can’t have a dog on the patio but Jake’s good about sitting on the other side of the fence when you ask him. They brought him a bowl of water, too. Always appreciated. I ordered the cheesesteak and Jake helped me with the fries. Soon we were home, where Jake headed immediately for the oasis of the bathroom floor.

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