Saturday, July 18, 2009

Chance Meeting

Although it’s been blisteringly hot lately, it was so mild this morning. Jake and I haven’t been on many trips lately due to his treatments & appointments, and my work commitments. Right now, his attitude is upbeat and his energy level has returned. You would never know anything was wrong except for his brightly-colored bandage. We were overdue for some fun so I thought I’d take him to the VERY dog-friendly Farmers Market in Cherry Creek and support some Colorado-based growers. I was buying fresh tomatoes and basil from a stand when I bumped into our friends, Jeff & Ryan. They missed Jake’s birthday party since they were out of town. We bought some steaks from a natural beef vendor there and quickly made plans for a last minute cookout at our house tonight. I’ve said it before but this dog is a canine version of Facebook when it comes to reconnecting old friends. So many unexpected connections happen when we go out.

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