Thursday, July 16, 2009

Perfect Skin

Jake spent the day at the CSU Animal Cancer Clinic for tests and restaging. Officially, his diagnosis is a Malignant Histiocytosis of the right forelimb and right prescapular lymph node. We met with his oncologists, Dr. Lana and Dr. Carlsten today. His chest x-rays are clear and showed no evidence of metastasis. Nice. The x-rays of the tumor on his leg did not show any effect on the bone which is also good. However, during the abdominal ultrasound, they noticed a possible mass on his spleen. It could be related to the cancer but it might also just be an “infarct” (Google it if you really want to know). We’ll go back to CSU next month for another ultrasound to recheck that. No surgery or radiation at this point, but we decided to start a chemo drug next week. It’s called Lomustine (CCNU). Luckily it’s in pill form and we can give it to him at home. He’ll take 2 pills every 3 weeks indefinitely. He’ll need occasional blood work which we can do at his vet’s office. They’ll send the results to his oncologists for review so it will save us a road trip. His belly was shaved for the ultrasound and his skin looks so funny. Like a baby mouse. Although I bet he likes the way it feels on the bathroom tile.

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