Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dress You Up

Jake’s bandage gets changed daily now. The ulceration on his leg is looking much better. It’s not nearly as “wet” as it was a couple weeks ago. I doubt it will ever be completely back to normal but I think it is healing somewhat. My day was booked with meetings and I was worried about leaving him alone. He's not in pain but he wants that bandage off. If he’s unsupervised for too long, he shreds it. I definitely don’t want it to get infected. I called Aspenwood Animal Hospital to see if they could watch him. Jake stayed in Dr. Laura’s office the whole day, hanging out with her dogs on the cool floor. He’s always liked going to see her and I’m really glad that we have reasons to go back. It was also nice to drop him off at a vet and NOT have any procedures done on him for a change. When I picked him up, he had this cool bandana around his neck.

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  1. Hey, Mike...I'm a neighbor (my dog, Cobi, and I have met you several times in Mayfair Park)...and I'm friends with Michael and Liz B. If you have another meeting-filled day, Cobi and I would be more than happy to hang out with Jake. I work from home, so it's easy. Sadly, Cobi and I are moving away at the end of August but, in the meantime, we'd be more than happy to keep Jake's mind off that nasty bandage.
    ~Kristie K.
    (Michael can tell you how to get in touch with me)