Sunday, May 31, 2009

Every Day is Halloween

This weekend was pretty rough. Jake couldn’t keep anything down. I tried it all. Smaller portions of dog food. Tiny pieces of a Wendy’s grilled chicken breast. White rice from a Chinese restaurant. Saltine crackers. He ate everything with his typical Labrador intensity. But it just came up a half hour later, coated with a fluorescent yellow-orange slime. We stopped his anti-inflammatory medicine since one of the side effects includes gastrointestinal problems. I was terrified that this was really the beginning of the downslide. It took a day but he’s so much better now. After that scare, I felt like we needed to go lighter. Dan was searching for something in the basement and found a box of Halloween stuff. It was a beautiful spring day so we took turns putting stuff on him in the back yard. Jake is such a good sport and will do anything to please. All of the pics are really funny but here are a few of our favorites. I know…it’s a poor imitation of William Wegman’s work, but it really made us all laugh. Humor is such a wonderful defense mechanism for dark times. I use it all the time.

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