Friday, June 5, 2009

Bring on the Dancing Horses

If there’s one piece of public art in Denver that anyone has an opinion about, it’s probably this one. It’s called “Mustang/Mesteño” by Luiz Jiménez. You’ll find it on the drive out to Denver International Airport. I thought it was brilliant when it was unveiled. I love it even more after Jake and I got a rare opportunity to see it in person. The textures and colors are even more striking up close. Some people have called it “demonic” and “scary” and have campaigned to remove it. Hoo boy, you guys need to get out more if you’re that disturbed by a 32-foot piece of fiberglass. The horse stays. Now go find something more productive to do with your time.

(Muchas gracias to Jeff and Matt for setting this one up, and to Jenny for making the initial introduction.)

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