Monday, June 8, 2009

I Want a New Drug

Jake and I drove up to Fort Collins this morning, which is an hour north of Denver. We had an appointment at the Animal Cancer Center at Colorado State University. There’s a clinical trial for canine soft tissue sarcomas that seems promising. It has helped shrink tumors in other dogs. I was really impressed with the entire experience the moment we walked in the door. The entire staff was incredible. Love the volunteers, too. After we met with the vets and they reviewed his case, he was accepted into the study. He received his first IV infusion of a cancer drug called liposomal clodronate. They had to keep him overnight to monitor any side effects, so I drove back to Denver. I just got a call from the vet and he says Jake is doing great. They’ll call in the morning when I can pick him up. I really love the idea of doing this study, and if we’re lucky, it will give us a little more time together. We might even end up helping others in the same situation in the future.


  1. Jake is a great dog! And very lucky to have you as an owner! I look forward to seeing the two of you next week for his 2nd treatment :)

  2. I know how hard Dr. Hafeman has worked on this drug, I wish the best for Jake and all the others to follow.