Thursday, May 7, 2009

Lunch Break

The day Jake got his cancer diagnosis, the two of us stopped for lunch on the way home. I ordered two hot dogs, one Chicago-style for me and a plain one for him. We sat at a picnic table on a busy street and wolfed them down. Suddenly I felt guilty for all the times that I ran out for lunch and left him at home alone. I started making a list of the dog-friendly restaurants in Denver. I’d like to start taking him somewhere at least once a week. (If you’re got a recommendation, we’re taking requests!)

Yesterday, Paul and I took him to Racines. The food is always great, the menu is extensive and the staff is so friendly and efficient. As soon as we sat down on the patio our server, David, brought Jake a bowl of water. The weather was perfect. Nothing beats outdoor dining in Denver this time of year. Jake snacked on green beans and French fries while we ate. That dog will eat anything except tomatoes.
Next up: Off to Chatfield Park for a swim...

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