Thursday, May 7, 2009

Swimming After Eating

Chatfield State Park has a popular off-leash area for dogs. It cost $7 per car but is well worth it. There are a couple small lakes and paths that wander all over the place. Dogs go crazy here. The constant moisture of the last few weeks has really paid off. The park was greener than I’ve ever seen it. Watching Jake swim got me thinking about ways to get him to a real beach. Hmm. That would be a fun puzzle to solve. One summer, I lived in a house on the water in Florida and the dogs I had at the time loved to swim. They’d run out into the surf, trying to jump waves and getting knocked over unexpectedly. Then they’d rush back onshore and roll on the sand, until it was so deep in their coats, you’d swear it would never come out. I have no doubt that Jake would be the same. We brought old sheets and towels for the back of the car since he’s always a muddy mess when we leave. Wet dog smells good to me now. Another slice of springtime, like fresh-cut lawns and burgers cooking on the grill.

Time for a bath...

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